Date: 25 September 2019

Sam Obeidat, Investifai's CEO, delivered a lecture on Artificial Intelligence for Startups and Entrepreneurs at the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). Thanks to the great executive members from the Khalifa Fund and ADGM.

Date:17 September

Investifai's CEO, Samer Obeidat, delivered a 2-day use case discovery workshop for a group of leaders and executives at The Department of Finance for the Government of Dubai.

Date:15 August 2019

Investifai's CEO delivering a series of workshops to high-profile government executives and to a group of Omani entrepreneurs in Salalah, Oman, as part of our plan to expand our operations into the great country of Oman.

Date: 4 July 2019

Delivering a workshop called "Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Government Services" to a group of executives at the Crown Prince Court (CPC) in Abu Dhabi.

Date 24 June 2019

Investifai's parent company, Stallion AI, signed a memorandum of understanding with TAG Global with the aim of enhancing the culture of artificial intelligence in Jordan and the Arab Region.